I am Peter C. Viviano Jr. a fisherman for forty odd years that has been slinging fur and feathers into the salt for getting on twenty. I became independent on the water at a very young age and fished a lot of ways for a lot of fish. As a kid saltwater fishing was mostly vacations and special occasion stuff, but at age 16 I started scuba diving R.I. quite a bit, and my love affair with the Atlantic began.

In 1990 I started bringing a fly rod, which had previously been reserved for trout or bass bugging, along on surf fishing trips. Much to my surprise I caught my first fly rod blue on Charleston beach that fall, the surf rods went on a permanent vacation to the rod rack. The following spring I caught my first fly rod striper with Capt. Steve Bellefluer and in later seasons my first False Albacore with Capt. Steve Burnett. I still fish with them and there still the best of the best that the famous Watch hill waters have to offer.

I love to fish Rhode Island as well as Cape Cod, but the closest home waters for me are the Norwalk Islands to the Housatonic River. Which is by the way world-class water. When I’m not wading or paddling I am on the deck of my best friend Capt. Chris Elser’s boat. Chris is an awesome Captain who has fished me more than I deserve, and has helped me in virtually every aspect of getting Fishflyes going. I highly recommend a day on the water with Capt. Chris. - CT-Fishing.com

My fly vise is deeply tied to my fishing, which is deeply tied to my soul. The patterns I offer possess three qualities: they look good to fish (fish eat them); they look good to me (they’re cool), and durability (lots of fish per fly). Fishflyes range from $5 to $12 dollars.

I offer beach and kayak guiding from the Norwalk Islands to the Housatonic River. Guiding starts at $225 for three hours on the water. Shore trips are great for anglers needing instruction in casting, presentation, and reading water or just to learn your way around safely. Shore bound angling is an awesome challenge with great rewards. You agonize over where and when to fish based on season, tide, weather, and fish activity. At times you can literally be in the fish, and still challenged by the required presentation. Fighting fish on your feet is the shit, when I get out on the boat it feels like cheating.

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